Award winning duo LOTUS was formed in The Hague in 2004. Since then, the recorder and harpsichord duo has been performing extensively in The Netherlands (Oude Muziek Barneveld, Musica Antica da Camera a.o.) and Brazil (CCSP São Paulo, Música no Museu Rio de Janeiro, Brasília Internetional Summer Course, Early Music Encounter Recife a.o.), and also in Italy (Bolzano - Antiqua Festival, Rovereto - Sala Filarmonica a.o.) and Germany (Greifenberger Institut).

In 2011, LOTUS won 2nd prize at the prestigious Premio Bonporti receiving high praise for being “a true duo”.

LOTUS’ repertoire consists of 17th and 18th centuries works originally written for recorder and harpsichord or continuo, and, when suitable and historically justifiable, suitable transcriptions. The observation of sound stylistics and historical performance practices and a lively rendition of the music mark their presentation.

Inês d’Avena and Claudio Barduco Ribeiro also work together in the baroque orchestra COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag, which they co-founded in 2006 and of which Claudio Ribeiro is artistic director.

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